Appeal: sign the activists’ petition against Frontex

JLP joins ASGI and many others civil society associations for an important appeal in defence of fundamental rights.

Some activists submitted an appeal to the court of the European Union to gain access to some information about the type of boats that Frontex have in the Mediterranean. The appeal has been dismissed and the activists have been condemned to pay the legal fees. This decision might turn into a very dangerous judicial precedent.

The risk of high legal fees could act as a deterrent for the human rights defendants who, in the future, might have the intention to exercise their right of access to the documents of the public administrations, to the right of freedom and to the right of reunion and associations.

JLP joins ASGI together with many other civil society associations and requests not to pursue any action that would have the aim of asking for the payment of the legal fees. The only aim of the action was to protect a fundamental right established by the European law.

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