Appeal: JLP asks senator Liliana Segre to raise her voice against indifference in order to stop deaths at sea

Dear senator Segre,

You are right, when you fear for the future of our country and of the whole Europe.

You are right, when you fear that the moment the last victim of the holocaust will die, the Holocaust denial will rise again stronger than ever.

You are right, when you fear that history is going to repeat itself.

You are right, but at the same time you are wrong: history is already repeating itself.

The agreements between Italy and Libya clearly show the indifference that Italy, together with the whole Europe, has towards the human condition of different people. This conscious ataraxy, this lack of sympathy, this aseptic numerical calculation, all seasoned with the awareness of their incapability of managing the migratory flow has brought to criminal policies violating human rights. We have gone back in time, we have vanished all the efforts made after the WWII.

History repeats itself in a way that is very similar to what you have lived through.

Every single year Italy and Europe celebrate the Memorial Day. In the meaning time in Libya, in the so called detention camps, something not so far from what happened in the concentration camps is still happening. The only fault this people have is that they are looking for a better life, fleeing from wars or dictatorships.

Sid, who’s only 15 years old, tells us that he would rather die at sea than be deported in Libya once again.

In Libya there is no respect for human rights, migrants are not considered people, their human identity completely erased: 1400 people share only one latrine.

In Libya the jailer of the so called detention camps, who are financed by Italy and Europe, torture the migrants just for fun or for economic advantage, they rape men just to kill their pride, they use people as a shield to protect their weapon depots, they enlist men for war promising freedom in return.

Once again their fault is to be migrant, to be undocumented illegal immigrants. We shall remember that Libya has never signed the 1951 Refugee Convention, and Italy has chosen this country to manage the migratory flow.

In Libya, in the Balkans, and an the border with Turkey an enormous human tragedy is unfolding, with the national and European institutions standing still, denying the only way out. These policies have completely burnt out the values of solidarity and hospitality built after the WWII.

Completely burnt out. From the Greek words “holos” (whole) and “Kaustos” (burnt): Holocaust.

The situation has even worsened with the Covid-19. On 7th April 2020 a law has declared the Italian harbour as “not safe”. Not only did the government not erase the criminal policies established in the past, but it has also used the sanitary emergency to close the harbours and violate, once again, the fundamental rights of both the Italian Constitution and the international law. People continue to set off despite everything because they would rather die at see than go through the horrors of the detention camps. Now more than ever looking the other way is a choice. Unfortunately it is the choice that Italy and Europe are making.

Nowadays the main aim is to protect the right to health, but apparently not everyone’s right to health is the same. It has been two months since the beginning of this sanitary emergency, yet the only answer Italy and Europe are able to give is to close the harbours and let people die in the sea. There is no excuse.

Dear senator, our collective “The Josi & Loni project” firmly believes the need to fight against any kind of injustice. Your voice can be more than the voice of the memory of the past, it can be the voice asking to stop the holocaust that is nowadays underway. We beg you to raise your voice against these crimes in the Italian Parliament. We beg you to ask them to stop this sea of indifference, not to look the other way and stop the deaths at sea that are being perpetuated.

We need to choose between indifference and sympathy and we have to do it now.

Thank you,

The Josi &Loni Project.

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